Malax Museum Association owns three museums in Malax:

·  Brinken Museum (open-air museum)

·  Kvarken Boat Museum

·  The Iron Age Trail.

Opening hours for the museums

Brinken museum - 29.6–7.8.2021, Tuesday-Saturday 13.00–18.00
Open-air museum with 20 buildings and restored garden. Exhibitions. Coffee. Shop.

Kvarken Boat Museum - 29.6–8.8.2021, Tuesday-Sunday 13.00–18.00
Boat museum with more than 90 Ostrobothnian wooden boats, 100 boat engines and 3000 artifacts.
12 buildings. Fisherman's cottage. Shop. Service close to the museum. The biggest boat museum in Finland!

Iron Age Trail - 1.5–30.9.2021, 24 h/day
Well marked trail (800 m / 1800 m) in an archaeologically interesting area.
Cairns and cup stones from the Iron Age. Exuberant flora. Information in a cottage. Cow-house.

Chalet Trail in Molapne - 1.5–30.9.2021, 24 h/day
Along the trail (1000 m) you can see remainders of old herdmaids' chalets for summer use. Information at the start.

Have a look at the events of the summer! See further  Evenemang

For more information please contact Solveig Soderback, e-mail: solveig.soderback(at)





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Brinken Museum

Kvarken Boat Museum

Iron Age Trail

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