Malax Museum Association owns three museums in Malax:

·  Brinken Museum (open-air museum) See more information in pdf-file here

·  Kvarken Boat Museum See more information in pdf-file here

·  The Iron Age Trail See more information in pdf-file here

Opening hours for the museums

Brinken museum - 25.6–6+3.8.2024, Tuesday-Saturday 13.00–18.00. Closed Sunday and Monday
Open-air museum with 20 buildings and restored garden. Exhibitions. Coffee. Shop.

Kvarken Boat Museum - 25.6–4.8.2024, Tuesday-Sunday 13.00–18.00. Closed Monday
Boat museum with more than
100 Ostrobothnian wooden boats, 150 boat engines and 4000 artifacts.
9 buildings. Fisherman's cottage. Shop. Service close to the museum. The biggest boat museum in Finland!

Iron Age Trail - 1.5–30.9.2024, 24 h/day
Well marked trail (800 m / 1800 m) in an archaeologically interesting area.
Cairns and cup stones from the Iron Age. Exuberant flora. Information in a cottage. Cow-house.

Chalet Trail in Molapne - 1.5–30.9.2024, 24 h/day
Along the trail (1000 m) you can see remainders of old herdmaids' chalets for summer use. Information at the start.

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